Oatmeal with banana, peanut butter and pomegranate seeds and an almond milk latte (my flowers have started losing petals which is sad but makes for pretty decoration)

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Hi mum, I hope you’re having fun in Croatia and I’m sorry I stole your pants (can I keep them?)

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Whole wheat bread with hummus, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach & mashed avocado with lemon juice and tomato, with baby cucumbers

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Funky side crow
I’m so happy with the progress I’ve been making! The first time I tried a regular side crow about three months ago it was really difficult for me and now I can hold this easily. Practice pays off :)

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Acro yoga with cat?

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ok so yesterday you could say i binged but i didnt eat that much i probably overate... however i when i was overeating i felt terrible and guilty- what would you associate that with a binge or just overeating?

If you feel terrible and guilty about eating, something is definitely not right. Overeating is not normally associated with feelings like that, it’s human! I assume you didn’t steal the food and didn’t murder anyone for it, so what’s there to feel guilty about, honestly?
If you get feelings like that regularly I would consider speaking to a professional about it, and definitely reevaluate your relationship with food! I wish you all the best <3

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what is the difference between bingeing and overeating?

Overeating is when you eat too much mindlessly, like when something tastes great and you eat more than you are hungry for but could stop if you wanted to. Binging is defined as uncontrollable behavior, you can’t stop, eat a lot quicker than usual and large quantities and it’s usually associated with negative emotions. That’s at least how I understand it!

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Hi :) I was wondering if you enjoy any other activities to keep active besides yoga? And how do you balance everything out? For example: social, eating well/healthy, study, exercise, own free time/relaxation? Thanks!

Hi! Yes, I like running as well but I haven’t made the time to do it often lately!
For me, the most important thing is to set priorities - of those categories that you mentioned, what is most important to you and what could you neglect when you have less time? For me, studying is at the very top of my list right now so it’s fine for me to make sacrifices in other areas until September. I think planning is key here as well, if you prep your meals and schedule your workouts you’re more likely to keep that up, and it’s the same with social life or free time. I like to make lists of what I am going to do in a week on Sundays and prioritize what is most important (and do that first) so I don’t mind if I don’t manage to do everything.
At the moment I study from about 10-14 and 15-19h with five minute breaks (like right now), the rest is my free time. I find that scheduling things like this really helps, and I would recommend investing in a good planner/calendar you’re going to use. Juggling so many things at once is difficult, don’t beat yourself up if things don’t work out as you want them to sometimes (it’s called life :)) x

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How do you manage to find motivation when you're in a bad shape?

Don’t wait for motivation to magically appear - if I did that I would hardly ever do anything. Motivation is fleeting, discipline and dedication are not :) Set a goal - anything you want to achieve - and then make a realistic plan that starts today and follow it! Motivation really isn’t the secret, everything comes down to good planning and finding something that works for you long term :)

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