it makes me really angry when people say that Kino MacGregor is shallow/not a “true” yogi because of her shorts and bra
fuck that double standard

have you ever looked at old pictures of Patthabi Jois practicing? he didn’t exactly wear a lot either soooo

So true. She wrote a great article about this over a year ago:

"If you don’t like shorts, don’t wear them. If you don’t like seeing me wear shorts, don’t watch. My freedom of choice is rooted in the history of women who gave their heart and soul to feminism so that I could vote, wear mini-skirts and tiny shorts, burn my bras, go to college, pursue any career that I am qualified to do, lift up into handstand and marry whomever I want freely. I will not betray the heart and soul of feminism to appease anyone’s else’s discomfort with my skin."

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what's some advice you would give to everyone?

That totally is a question HONY always asks! But I don’t really know, I’m not sure there is anything that will apply to all kinds of situations. “Never give up” will not always be a reasonable thing to say, same with “follow your heart” and all the other clichés. I actually really hate these “20 things everyone should know before they turn 20” and “things I wish someone had told me” etc kind of lists that are so popular on tumblr. “Never do this, always do that”, it’s ridiculous - everyone should make their own mistakes.

Maybe just a couple of things - always give your best, never underestimate yourself; try not to be too afraid, you will regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you actually did; LOVE YOURSELF, stretch, pay attention to your posture, don’t be mean to people or animals :)

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New Manduka yoga mat/breakfast mat

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Sunday brunch

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Urdhva Padmasana

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Und, wie ist das freie Leben ohne Lernen so? ;-)

Irgendwie sind die Tage sind trotzdem so kurz? Obwohl ich ja eigentlich acht Stunden mehr pro Tag habe, an denen ich nicht lernen muss, kommt es mir so vor, haha. Aber es ist ein tolles Gefühl!

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Rainy day windowsill yoga

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Hiii! What's your recipe for the vegan pancakes? Thanks in advance! Xo

Hmm I don’t really have a perfect recipe myself but the one on Almonds and Avocados is super tasty! xx

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wo kaufst du mangold? ich finde leider nirgends welchen.

Bioladen bei meinen Eltern! Bei Rewe und Co. sehe ich das auch so gut wie nie, eher bei Alnatura oder auf Märkten :)

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