Day 16 - Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose

This pose is kind of terrifying for me and I didn’t dare lifting my head up (even though that seems irrational since handstands and arm balances never scare me). My intention is to stop always just seeing the negative aspects in everything

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Day 15 - Cobra pose

I had never tried this pose before and I now think I maybe shouldn’t have lifted my hips as much? I still love how this looks though!
Today’s intention is to trust myself.

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You look really old! :)

Oh gosh, i just realised how harshed that must have sounded, i didn’t mean come off like that, just wanted to say you look very mature for only 19 :)

Haha you’re right, I had already thought of my sassy reply! If you put it like that it sounds a lot nicer though, thank you - I don’t mind; my university friends (who are 21 - 27, I’m the youngest of my classmates) actually asked to see my ID when they learned how old I was, and generally I’ve always looked older than I was. I just hope I won’t still get this when I’m 30!

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Whole grain bread with avocado, arugula, lemon juice and tomato

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Day 14 - Camel

I absolutely love this pose, especially to stretch and warm up my back.
Today’s intention is to be courageous.

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Day 13 - Mermaid

My intention is constant improvement.

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Breakfast back home - oatmeal with strawberries, pear, bananas, almonds and puffed quinoa

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Day 12 - Eight angle pose

Another new pose for me, but it’s fun! My intention today is to be grateful.

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Day 11 - Wide legged handstand

My intention is to go with the flow, to live in the moment. I could have taken this picture another time with more time to prepare, better alignment in my hips and feet, but instead I chose to capture a great moment from our day in Paris last week :)

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Today I climbed up a mountain to a fairytale castle

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