Day 24 - Half chair pose with transition to half moon and warrior III

The photos are from last week but I also did the poses today - I loved this sequence, challenging for my balance and a good stretch! Today’s intention is confidence :)

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Oatmeal with hazelnut milk, banana, frozen berries, cacao nibs, hemp hearts and my brother’s homemade cashew butter

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how did you learn yoga?

Hmm I think sometime last year I saw a yoga Instagram I liked and thought it would be something I would enjoy, so I ordered a book and practiced basic poses and flows on a folded blanket on the floor. At some point I bought a mat and started doing Tara Stiles videos on Youtube but never much more than that. Actually it feels like I only really started doing yoga more seriously this month because I now really think about which poses I’d like to incorporate into flows, which part of my body needs an extra stretch, and started working on arm balances etc :) 
I don’t feel it’s something I “learned”, it feels like a process and not like some sort of skill you can be finished learning somewhen if that makes sense? And I really love that!

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Day 23 - Bound angle pose

This reminds me of warming up in ballet, and therefore of my nine year old self who did 100 cartwheels in a row regularly, hung out in the splits while reading on the living room floor and spent hours learning to walk on her hands in handstand. Today’s intention is to be more like that girl again!

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Day 22 - Eagle pose

Today’s intention is balance

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 Day 21 - Reclining compass / Infinity pose

Probably my favorite picture from this month’s challenge so far! I love this pose. Today’s intention was to be grateful and to love life!

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Day 20 - Low lunge

My intention today was to enjoy the time with my family (and the great food)! 

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What camera do you use? Your photos are beautiful!

Thank you! I use a Canon EOS 450D or my dad’s 600D :)

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Easter Sunday brunch: Green Kitchen Stories spring salad, homemade hummus and aubergine dips, fresh bread, hard boiled eggs, brioche and cakes etc. :)

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Hey you beautiful little thing. Do you actually speak french? (i'm french, that's why i'm asking! ;) ) i like your blog a lot btw xx.

Hey, merci beaucoup! Oui, un peu - j’ai appris le français à l’école pour sept ans et ce semestre je prends un cours à l’université qui s’appelle «Français medical» :) But my English is way better obviously!

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