Do you have any healthy eating tips for someone who is lactose intolerant?

Well I hardly eat any dairy myself, so I’m not sure what you need tips for, can you maybe specify so I can be more helpful? :) Almond/oat/rice/soy milk and soy/coconut yoghurt are great replacements for dairy products, there really are substitutes for everything!

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Ich kenne dich noch aus dem BV-Forum und bin von dort aus auf deinen Blog gestoßen. Ich studiere auch Medizin und zwar in Frankfurt bald im 3. Semester und was du so über dein Leben und vor allem die Uni schreibst, spricht mir so oft aus der Seele! Würde gerne mal mit dir einen Kaffee trinken gehen, ich glaube, wir würden uns gut verstehen.

Oh - hey! Kannst du mir im BV eine private Nachricht schreiben? Bitte!! :)

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Hast du schon endgültig die Ergebnisse vom Physikum?

Die endgültigen Ergebnisse gibt es erst in einem Monat glaube ich - es gibt aber meist ziemlich genaue Prognosen von Medilearn und laut denen hätte ich jetzt 84% - also auch wenn es sich noch etwas verschlechtert sollte eine Zwei drin sein :)

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Do I understand correctly that you are my regular reminder for yoga photos? I would love to post something, I am trying out Ashtanga at the moment and have learned some of the basic crazy looking poses (x, x, x). I have to study for my oral exams in two weeks but if I find the time I will take pictures! :)

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Und wie war's Physikum? :)

Gut, laut Prognose müsste ich irgendwo zwischen 82 und 86 Prozent landen!!! :)

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good luck!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU I think it went really well today actually!

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I haven’t done a update on what I’m doing in quite a while, so here are my not so exciting plans for the summer:

11.07. biochemistry exam 
18.07. physiology exam 
19.07. psychology exam 

These are hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, fingers crossed, my last end of semester exams here after two years at my current uni. I need to pass them in order to take the majorly important multiple choice exams this summer.
Everyone in Germany who has completed the first two years of studying medicine has to take those - passing them is the prerequisite to start clinical education (four more years) this fall.
Those are:

19.08. biochemistry, physiology, physics, chemistry (160 questions)
20.08. anatomy, biology, psychology (160 questions)

And additionally, the oral exams:
between 08.09.-18.09. I’ll have one four hour exam on anatomy, physiology and biochemistry

If I fail one of the first three exams I cannot take the big important ones this year. And if I fail one of the big ones or cannot take them, I won’t be able to change universities and am stuck at my current uni for at least another three years.
So yes, pressure pressure pressure and studying all day. Please wish me luck - and consistency! x

Hi friends, the end is near for me. Tomorrow and Wednesday the Most Horrible Medical Exam takes place (that’s honestly what it should be called). After over 200 hours of studying during the past 30 days and generally no break from studying since April my brain does feel a little mushy and I still know almost nothing about anatomy but it has to be enough.
Unforeseeable things have happened family wise, so that puts everything into perspective. I am still trying to get a bit more nervous, so hopefully I will be able to gather enough adrenaline by tomorrow morning to get me through this.
This will probably be the hardest exam I’m ever going to take, I just need to apply myself and do my absolute best with what I know. Bring on those 320 questions!

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Esther, wie laufen die Vorbereitungen für's Physikum? Geht's dir mental gut und was gibt es so Neues bei dir? Alles gute für dich!! xx

DANKE! Es läuft mittelmäßig, Physikum ist am Dienstag und Mittwoch und über Anatomie weiß ich eigentlich immer noch nichts (ich sage immer ich weiß zwei Muskeln und drei Arterien). Ich habe die zwei letzten Physika mal mit Papier und Stift “realistisch” gemacht und da wären beides Mal knapp 80% rausgekommen, wäre super wenn das klappen würde, aber ich rechne prinzipiell mit dem Schlimmsten! Aber bestehen sollte ich wohl und das ist das wichtigste! Privat gibt es auch unvorhergesehene Dinge, die gerade wirklich nicht passen, aber wer kann das schon beeinflussen. Danke dir :) xx

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Have you ever considered moving into another country after you graduate? Or would you prefer staying in Germany? I don't know how easy/hard it is for doctors to find jobs in Germany but I figure that doctors/people in the medical field are always needed?

Hey! It’s not hard to get a job as a junior doctor type of thing (“Assistenzarzt”) in a hospital after you graduate here, job security is probably one of the best things about being a doctor, but the conditions and payment are seen as worse than in other similar Western European countries. Lots of German doctors go to Scandinavia, Switzerland, UK or elsewhere where working conditions and money are supposed to be better. Working in a hospital definitely isn’t the most appealing thing for me from what I’ve experienced so far, so this topic isn’t something I’ve given that much thought to!
I don’t know what I want to do after studying medicine, but I would definitely consider living/working in other countries at some point :)

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