Also hat dir der Workshop nicht gefallen?

So würde ich es nicht sagen, es war gut und in dem Nachmittagskurs hab ich auch einiges gelernt, es war nur eine komische Atmosphäre/anders, als ich es mir vorgestellt hatte!

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Hallo :) Ich hab jetzt wahrscheinlich eine etwas komische Frage an, es geht ums Medizinstudium: und zwar habe ich letzte Woche endlich meine Zusage bekommen und nächste Woche geht es dann tatsächlich auch schon los. Ich fühle mich aber momentan noch total unvorbereitet und weiß gar nicht, wie das mit den Vorlesungen & Co. überhaupt funktioniert... Sollte man sich da vorher schon irgendwie darauf vorbereiten oder ist es nicht so schlimm, wenn man erst in der Vorlesung was vom Thema mitbekommt?

Yay Glückwunsch! Ich hatte meine Zusage auch erst so spät :) Ich hab damals garantiert vor Studienbeginn nichts vorbereitet haha. Du hast erst mal Erstiwoche, Kneipentour, Erstibetrinken Erstiparty blabla und Einführungsveranstaltungen! In den ersten Vorlesungen werden die Profs schon erzählen was sie so erwarten. Das erste Semester war bis jetzt das einzige in dem ich in Vorlesungen gegangen bin, da hab ich vorher die Folien online rausgesucht und ausgedruckt, und mir dann darauf Notizen gemacht. War aber einfach alles zu viel Zeitaufwand später in die ganzen Vorlesungen zu gehen, für Praktika in denen man testiert wird MUSS man sich nämlich vorher vorbereiten. Aber du wirst sehen was für dich am besten passt! Mach dir keinen Stress, die anderen haben auch noch keinen Plan und du bekommst früh genug mit wie alles abläuft :) x

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What are you doing in Denmark/Copenhagen? :)

Vacation! Visiting the city, biking around a lot, I also want to go to Malmö for a day, eating delicious and way too expensive food (seriously I accidentally bought soy milk for something like 5€ because the currency here is so weird). I’ve never really been to Scandinavia and have been wanting to go for a while, I’m here with my boyfriend :)

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HI I’m at the airport and almost on my way to Copenhagen for a week! (There is a place that only sells porridge where I want to get breakfast tomorrow so it will obviously be great)

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Do you think I can learn yoga completely on my own, without someone who will correct me when I do something incorrectly? May I hurt myself because of doing it not properly? And also what resources for learnig yoga do you reccomend? Love, :)

I’ve been doing yoga since May 2013 sporadically and more seriously since this April and I have never had anyone to correct me either! I’m sure I make tons of mistakes, but I try to correct myself as much as possible.
For example, before attempting poses, read up on the alignment online, watch Kino MacGregor’s videos for poses like Up Dog, Chaturanga etc on Youtube, make sure you learn the basics properly! It’s also nice to have an idea of the muscles you’re using and where they are.
To not hurt yourself start slow with daily stretching and strengthening, I would try to fit in daily 15+ minutes of hip openers, hamstring stretches and holding different poses for a couple of breaths like boat pose, plank etc for some basic core & upper body strengthening. Then learning Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A & B) is a great place to start with flowing! Give a try, they have a free trial period and lots of amazing teachers and classes, I just discovered too which is free and there’s lots of stuff on Youtube. Just listen to your body, don’t attempt a forearm stand on your first try etc, if something hurts stop and you won’t injure yourself! I would make sure to take videos or photos regularly to check on your form, I discovered my Chaturanga form was absolutely terrifying that way haha, it’s helpful :) Learning at home isn’t ideal of course, but fortunately there are lots of resources! x

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Today // April

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You look so much thinner on the new picture, did you lose weight?

Ohh no I probably gained weight, I might look different because of better posture! I was thinner early last year (left picture), right picture is how I probably look like now too :) (it doesn’t matter though!)

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Today vs two months ago - PROGRESS

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(first photo by

Berlin. A very beautiful 30€ per night apartment in Prenzlauer Berg this time, a district that is full of children and hip cafés. On my way to Kino’s workshop on Saturday I meet several girls with yoga mats who are trying to find the location, most of them don’t speak German. The crowd consists mostly of skinny girls with shaved heads or somewhat culturally appropriative tattoos. We’re in a beautiful freshly renovated villa but there are so many people it’s suffocating, two guys are practicing Third Series arm balances before the class starts - they are clearly trying to show off, but admittedly do look cool. Kino has issues with her headset and we only hear half of what she’s saying. The class starts with chanting, everyone has the Sanskrit text memorized and I feel extremely awkward. We go through the Primary Series and I can’t help but think that this would be just as effective with her DVD. More chanting. After I eat vegan dumplings for lunch the next class starts and we go through very helpful alignment instructions for headstand, Pincha and handstand. The headset got fixed, there are even more girls with colorful yoga gear and visible abs, and there is more chanting. After the class a very long line of people who want a photo with Kino forms and I leave, more weirded out than I expected.

I feel a lot more at home when we drive to Neukölln and meet a friend, we’re at an open air bar on the top floor of a shopping mall overlooking Berlin, getting 1,50€ falafel in the middle of the night, at a bar that sells drinks like “Soviet Sunrise” and has its menu written on notes that are taped inside a GDR German-Russian dictionary, and buying an art magazine from a homeless guy and his dog that wears a reflective vest. Berlin still feels like Wonderland on drugs most of the time. We have a mildly hungover Sunday breakfast at 1 p.m. and escape from crowded Mauerpark flea market where an older guy singing karaoke is cheered on by a massive crowd. Only in Berlin will you find an entirely vegan pizza place, with plant based options from chorizo to tuna (and it’s very delicious too). We’re dancing in a club in an old factory building, it’s next to the Spree and there is a playground outside, with broken old cars and treehouses, my boyfriend talks to his friend who is DJing, it’s Sunday night, most people have probably been out since Friday and I feel old. The tiny shop that is still open when we go home sells beetroot juice and soy rice milk, and I wonder how my life would look if I lived here. I won’t be back for a while.

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